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How does life coaching differ from therapy?

While both life coaching and therapy aim to support personal growth, they have distinct approaches.

Think of it like an athlete - if a runner gets hurt and tears a ligament in their knee, they will seek THERAPY to work on healing a past experience.

If the runner has decided to train for a marathon, she may know the steps to make it to the finish line, but she might seek out a COACH to help her get there faster while moving around potential obstacles with ease.

Therapy typically focuses on addressing past traumas, emotional healing, and diagnosing mental health conditions. On the other hand, life coaching is forward-focused, centered around setting and achieving goals, enhancing performance, and unlocking potential. If you're seeking to overcome specific challenges from your past, therapy might be more suitable. If you're looking to create a roadmap for personal or professional success, life coaching could be the right fit.

How often are coaching sessions conducted?

Coaching sessions frequency can vary based on your needs and preferences. Typically, we start with weekly sessions, 50 minutes in length, to establish momentum and make consistent progress. As you gain confidence and traction towards your goals, sessions might transition to bi-weekly or monthly. The flexibility of our approach ensures that the coaching frequency adapts to your evolving requirements, ensuring optimal support and accountability.

What if I'm unsure about my goals and direction?

It's completely normal to feel uncertain about your goals and direction. Our coaching process begins with an initial assessment where we'll work together to clarify your aspirations, values, and priorities. Through insightful questioning and exploration, we'll collaboratively uncover your passions and potential areas for growth. If you're not entirely sure about your goals, our coaching can help you gain clarity and chart a course that aligns with your authentic self. Remember, the journey towards clarity is a big part of the coaching process itself.

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