Hey! I'm Kayla Lyons...

I support Moms who solo parent, due to their partner's work schedule, to thrive within their unique family dynamic and create a life they love.

It's time to take back your time, ditch the resentment toward your partner, and find your own joy within your unique family dynamic...

You're married, but acting as a solo parent more than half the time, while trying to maintain the connection & communication in your marriage.

You've been defaulted into being the primary parent in your family because your spouse's career requires extended travel, multi-day shift work, or a demanding job with late night hours leaving you to tend to the kids and the home while they're away. You're ready to find ways better ways to connect & communicate with your spouse.

You long for "alone time", yet you feel more lonely than ever . You desire a support system - the village 'they' speak of...

You're the primary parent of a parenting team, yet running the ship - captain, first mate, and crew all at once! You're regularly doing all of the cooking, cleaning, taxi-ing your kids to school and activities, and fixing whatever is broken this week, and it seems to be the norm in your home. The single moms say you're lucky to be married and have financial support, yet somehow you don't feel like the lucky one. You have similar struggles of military family, but perhaps lack the military camaraderie.

You want more balance in your life - juggling the balance between staying present with your family, Being productive with all of the household responsibilities, and having a peaceful, relaxing day sometimes too!

You feel like your'e ping-ponging from one thing to the next, crashing into bed each night wondering what you actually accomplished in the day. You're drowning, and no one is coming to save you. It's time to move out of survival mode and thrive within your unique family dynamic - it can be better!

You deserve support...I'm here for you!

Together, I'll help you...

  • Lean into knowing that you are important and can be supported emotionally, too

  • Create routines, weekly rhythms, and boundaries that actually work for your family and easily pivot when things change

  • Stop resenting your partner for their work schedule and start connecting & communicating with them instead

  • Build a support system that works for you

  • Implement parenting strategies tailored to your family

  • Find your joy and create a life you love

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